Ninja Tank


ninjatankBeen playing valves Left 4 Dead for months now, while campaign and versus are fun some times you get the urge to do more.... Like make videos

This week ive been helping to make a l4d video. Called Ninja Tank, it is a parody of the popular Ninja cat youtube vid where i play a tank creeping up on Louis. Credits go to windheavenX for the idea, direction and producing the vid etc.

By using the console and sv_cheats 1 you can do just about anything in the game to help you make your video. By far the most useful command to use is 'director_stop' this turn off the ingame ai director responsible for spawning zombies timing the zombie horde rush and the other boss infected, without this you will be interupted by the infected randomly spawning. Of course basics like 'god 1' and 'noclip' are generally useful to stay alive and fly around the map.

Another very handy command is 'z_frustration_lifetime' which controlls the frustration meter controlling the tank, without this set really high the ai will take over the tank and ruin your project. To increase the tanks health use the z_tank_health command you can also use 'tank_burn_duration_vs' orĀ  'tank_burn_duration_expert' etc.. to increase the time the tank will survive while on fire.

The easiest way to cause mayhem in game is to spawn mulitple witches and burn em using 'z_spawn witch' and 'give gascan'. Be careful though 20 or 30 witches running riot can crash your game.

If on the otherhand you dont want to make videos and just want to practise as the infected bosses try looking at this post in the left4dead411 forums

A list of commands can be found at left4dead411